Fermented Products


paneerPaneer also called Chenna is a milk product made by coagulating boiled hot whole milk with citric or lactic acid and subsequent drainage of whey. It is a fresh source of milk protein and has good flavour and smooth texture. It is used in preparation of various dishes.

Set Curd

Thisetcurds is a coagulated product obtained from the Pasteurized Toned milk by lactic acid fermentation through the action of lactic cultures. The product contains Fat : 3.2 % and SNF : 9.0 %.


sambaramContains 4.5 percent total solids and natural flavour extracts. Ideal as thirst quencher during hot season. Prepared under hygienic conditions using fully mechanized processes. Available in 200 ml sachets.

Skimmed Milk Curd

curdContains 10 percent non-fat solids. Ideal for making curries. Prepared under hygienic conditions by fully mechanized processes. Cannot be used as starter-curd for converting milk into curd. Available in 500 ml sachets.

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